River Dragonsoul Opal 7 Piece Tabletop Dice Set

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Water runs through your fingers, drawing you ever further in to wash away everything that you once were...

This listing is for an 7 piece D20 tabletop gaming dice set in the colorway River Dragonsoul Opals. They are cast from resin using teal resin with inclusions of angelina film. Due to the nature of casting with the angelina film there will be occasional internal bubbles, these do not seem to affect the balance and roll of these dice. There's a dent on the 7 side of the D8. It doesn't affect rolling, but it's visible.

The dice you will receive will look like the set pictured, but will not be exactly the same. We do not approve of breaking the space/time continuum here. Fred did that last week and... Who's Fred? Well, that's why we don't break the continuum!

All dice are handcrafted from resin, pigment powders, and alcohol inks from molds made with 3D printed master dice. Everything is done by hand so each die will be unique. Die oddities such as surface bubbles will be mentioned in descriptions to the best of my abilities.

No guarantee of perfect randomness is given, but they are pretty dang random.

Each set includes a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a D% (percentile dice).

Returns are not allowed based upon the handmade nature of these dice.

These dice are sharp. We call the d4's caltrops with good reason. Do not leave dice where they may be stepped on, as that would hurt. Though they may look delicious, please do not eat the dice, or leave them where other lifeforms such as pets and small children may eat them. Take caution when photographing near oceans as Poseidon may decide he wants them for his newly rolled bard. Some of the pigments are light sensitive, leaving them in the sun will permanently "sunburn" them. 

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